SiSePuedeATX! Movement Gains Two New Advocates

The SiSePuedeATX! movement took a healthy leap in momentum recently by adding two new advocates, each of whom brings experience from the Austin labor community. They each are stepping forward to join the fight; each bringing a unique skill-set to bolster the fight to get better wages and working conditions for Austin drywallers.

Jose Pereyra, a long-time local veteran worker in the Austin drywall industry, joined the ranks as a union carpenter in the last year and recently accepted the challenge to assist in the SiSePuedeATX! movement as a council representative. Jose is committed to helping his co-workers get the wages and respect they deserve for the daily hard work they provide to their employers through advancing membership training and productivity.

“I am determined to improve the hourly wages, benefits, and working conditions for all carpenters in Austin, TX. We are working hard to unite the workforce so that they understand the strength they have in numbers.” Jose said.

Patricia Zavala joins the Central South Carpenters as a political analyst and strategist, and will primarily focus on Austin political matters. She is a long-time proponent of worker rights in the Austin area, having previously served with Austin’s Workers Defense Project, and the Immigrants Rights Coalition. She is a veteran at helping workers recover unpaid wages, receive compensation for workplace injuries and stop discrimination, harassment or mistreatment on the job.

“I will help our fight for carpenter union labor marketshare by working with policymakers, developers and contractors to ensure everyone can prosper fairly from a booming industry,” Patricia said.

“It’s time for ATX Drywallers, whose knowledge, skill and hands are literally building Austin, to be properly compensated for their role in creating this city’s prosperity,” said Alex Ornelas, Austin Area Manager for the Central South Carpenters.

“Jose and Patricia join a staff of passionate, dedicated individuals who aren’t going to stop until we get Austin’s drywallers the wages and respect they deserve. We welcome anyone who wishes to join the fight and stand with us to demand better wages, benefits, & working conditions for these men and women. Visit to learn how you can help."