Austin City Council chooses California company over local workers

With a 7-0 vote on Thursday night (Sept 27, 2012), the Austin City Council approved a deal that promises a $920,000 tax break for California-based HID Global Corp. to build a $36 million facility.

At the same meeting they voted 4-3 to NOT require prevailing wages for the construction project. The city is allowing the company’s tax burden to be pushed onto the backs of the residents but cannot be bothered to insure fair and decent wages for the workers who will be building the 200,000 square foot facility.

In addition to the city’s near million dollar tax break, HID Global has also been promised a $1.9 million dollar grant from the state and Travis County is considering an additional $745,000 tax break. All this for the possibility of up to 276 jobs. That means the city, county, and state governments are paying almost $13,000 per job, but the city can’t be bothered to insure that in return the construction workers will receive fair compensation.

Shame on you, Austin City Council.

Read the story from the Austin American-Statesman here.

What Committee Is Right For You?

Had a little mix up with the hosting company, so the site was down for a few days. We’re back in action now!

We’re trying to get our committees rebooted down at the Hall and we’d love for any member who is interested to be a part of the action. Let us know which committee you’d like to serve on and we’ll pass your information onto the chairperson.

The committees and their chairs are as follows:

Organizing/Volunteer & Fish Fry – Jim Barnes
Member Retention & Mentoring – Robert Stolle
Political Action/Community Action – Carl Ganes
AFL-CIO Delegation – Suzie Litz

If you have questions about any of these or want to add your name to the list, just let us know.


Apprentice classes are back

Labor Day has come and gone and that means its time for the apprentices to go back to class. This year is starting off with 50+ apprentices in 5 different classes!! Some classes are at the 400 Josephine training center and some are at the Far South Training Center. Please call the training center to verify when and where your class is meeting if you’re not sure.