Horseshoe Tournament A Big Success

Some of our Union Brothers that work for Craftcorps put together a horseshoe tournament to raise some money for a couple members that have had some health problems that kept them out of work recently. Numerous members and their families made it out to Decker Lake this Saturday to enjoy fajitas, camaraderie, and some shoe tossing. Thanks to everyone who participated and a big thanks to the guys who put this whole thing together. It’s this type of togetherness that helps keep the Union strong.

All Terrain Lift Rollover

There is a construction project I pass everyday on my way home on southbound 183 near Bolm Rd.

Today there was an all-terrain fork truck rolled over on its side. It had taken out a chunk of the elevated platform they’ve been constructing, almost rolling down in the creek bed. As I passed by, they were trying to lift it out with a large excavator. I don’t know if anyone was hurt. It would be surprising if they weren’t.

I mention this as a reminder to be safe and that, in the blink of an eye, your Friday afternoon can come to a screeching halt in a very bad way.