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Local 1266 is Austin’s home for Union Carpenters. First founded in 1887 as Local 300 and rechartered as Local 1266 in 1936, it is the second-oldest United Brotherhood of Carpenters local in Texas. We, and the other local unions in the state are affiliated with the Central South Carpenters Regional Council.

More about the UBC from Carpenters.org:

“The United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of North America’s largest building-trades unions, with nearly a half-million members in the construction and wood-products industries.

We are leveraging our 130-year history to prepare for tomorrow by training, educating, and representing the next generation of construction professionals. Our mission is to stand strong for our signatory contractors and help them succeed in today’s marketplace by supplying them with motivated, knowledgeable crews that demonstrate skills, productivity, and a strong work ethic every day.

We at the UBC know that these are the most challenging times our industry has faced. We know that to survive we must become the model of a 21st-century union—one with a laser focus on membership support, unmatched skills for our contractors, and a clear direction in leading the industry through this era.

This renewed online presence reflects our commitment to our contractors, our members, and the industry. Please take a moment to see how the UBC is standing strong—and building tomorrow.”

So, if you’re interested in becoming a Carpenter, talk to us today to learn more about how we are building Austin, America and the world.

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  1. Hi, I have been a union carpenter for st. louis, mo for twelve years now and my family and I are interested in moving to texas. We are curious to know how strong the union is and the stability of the work enviornment. I would consider myself well-trained in the commercial and residential feilds. I have not missed many hours of work in the state of missouri and would hope that texas would be the same.

  2. Hi, i have been a union carpenter for Local 687 out of detroit, michigan for 2 years now and im looking to relocate to texas. I am a second year apprentice as well there is a whole lot of nothing going on here as far as work goes. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on who i could talk to and what i need to do to come down there, if you could get back to me and let me know i would greatly appreciate it thank you for your time.

    1. The best place to start is to call our training center. They can help you get the process started on transferring in as an apprentice and fill you in on the available work in the area. Give them a call at 512.236.9165 and then they can get the ball rolling and let you know what the next step is to make this happen. Exciting things are happening in Austin right now and I think we have an opportunity to help each other.

      1. Hey Sean i did what you told me as far as contacting the apprentice hall they told me what i needed to do as far as transfering i already did that, then they told me about some work mostly metal studs and drywall which would be perfect, then they told me to contact brenda from the union hall so i did she told me pretty much the same thing about work and what i needed to do for transfering, then she told me to contact rob about work as well and he said the same thing about work metal studs and drywall. Rob said he will spread my name around and what not i talked to him today and he said nothing came up yet. I was just wondering if theres anything you can do or i can do to get down there faster i would like to come down there within the next two weeks, but i dont want to go down there without a job if you could help me in anyway i would much appreciate thank you so much

  3. Have a 4′ x 4′ piece of plywood with letters I outlined on it. Need it cut out and willing to pay? Just the letters A.U.S.T.I.N.
    Could you help with this?? Or recommend a shop that could? I live at Barton Springs.
    Rod Crosby

    1. Your best bet would be to call the Hall during business hours and the secretary might have the name of a member that could help you out.

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