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Interior Systems

20130216_164045[1]20130216_164107[1]20130216_164146[1]20130216_164223[1]This semester the Interior Systems were practiced. The class built a 20 ft. x 16 ft. mock up of a reception office. The room had such features as a shaft wall, chase wall, sound wall with resilient channel, octagon shadow box, low wall partition, 3hr fire column, drywall soffit, soffit light pocket, door pocket, receptionist window, 3ft radius arched opening, 18in. radius arched half height opening and an expansion joint. The students learned print reading, job planning, layout, material handling and the different materials used in most of today’s buildings. Students got hands on experience with hand tools cutting drywall, track, studs, and used the chop saw for heavy gauge materials. We went over the project during class time and discussed the problems that were encountered. Thanks to all the students that put in hard work and showed up with their tools ready to get the project done.



Frank Trevino