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Thank you!!

We had a huge turnout at the Grand Opening event tonight. Thank you to Jason Engels and all the Regional and Local staff for putting together this great event. Also thank you to all the great guests we had, including Congressman Lloyd Doggett, State Rep Paul Workman, City Councilman Mike Martinez, UBC General President Doug McCarron, UBC Secretary Andy Silins, UBC VP Danny Maples, and many more. I’ll post some pictures when I can!

New Regional Council Affiliation

Local 1266 and all of the Texas Carpenters’ Locals have been realigned to be part of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council. The Texas Carpenters Regional Council has been absorbed into this council that represents the 12 locals and the over 5000 members from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

I think this will be a great thing for Austin and Texas Carpenters as we work to rebuild our Union here in the state and look forward to working closely with our new EST, Jason Engels. He came and spoke at tonight’s regular Union meeting and there was a very positive energy in the room as we begin this new chapter in the Union. Local 1266 is excited to see the coming changes as the integration gets ironed out.

I encourage all of our members to take this opportunity to re-engage in the local and help us move into the future with an active rank & file membership that truly represents how passionate we are about the Union and our Local. Big things are happening and new opportunities for involvement abound. Please do your part to help us be successful with everything we have going on. Contact me or Tom, to find out what you can do to be involved.

Austin City Council chooses California company over local workers

With a 7-0 vote on Thursday night (Sept 27, 2012), the Austin City Council approved a deal that promises a $920,000 tax break for California-based HID Global Corp. to build a $36 million facility.

At the same meeting they voted 4-3 to NOT require prevailing wages for the construction project. The city is allowing the company’s tax burden to be pushed onto the backs of the residents but cannot be bothered to insure fair and decent wages for the workers who will be building the 200,000 square foot facility.

In addition to the city’s near million dollar tax break, HID Global has also been promised a $1.9 million dollar grant from the state and Travis County is considering an additional $745,000 tax break. All this for the possibility of up to 276 jobs. That means the city, county, and state governments are paying almost $13,000 per job, but the city can’t be bothered to insure that in return the construction workers will receive fair compensation.

Shame on you, Austin City Council.

Read the story from the Austin American-Statesman here.