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Our office hours are:

Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm EXCEPT

Wednesday 8:00am-4:00pm.

We are closed everyday from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

Phone: 512.476.7354
Fax: 512.476.7360
Training/Apprenticeship Phone: 512.236.9165

Current Officers & Staff:
President:  Sean Forkner
Recording Secretary:  Robert Stolle
Treasurer:  Ramon Rosales
Trustees:  Jim Barnes – John Garcia – Victor Grimaldo
Vice President:  Roger Hughes
Conductor:  Michael Bryan
Warden:  John Munoz
Financial Secretary:  Frank Trevino

Business Agent: Rodney Hickey
Office Manager: Brenda Munoz

Our Address is:

UBC Local 1266
1825 S Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78741

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31 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Sean tried to log in. Login or password would not work. See ya at work………
    Go LOCAL 1266……….$$

  2. Hello good morning wanting to know how to go about getting a transfer to your local about to move from las Vegas.

  3. I was a member at your local and the Eugene, Oregon local, 30 years ago. I was wondering if I have anything in a retirement fund. I appreciate any information you can give me.
    Thank you,
    Fred Zenz

  4. We had a great meal and enjoyed the company. nice tee shirt too. have a great 4th of july to everyone, from the Contos family.

  5. Wow! The 5th Annual Family Day! The food was great! Me and my family enjoyed hanging around and eating the fish fry, while my kids enjoyed themselves in the blow up jump house. It was well worth it. I also want to extend a congratulations to all the candidates for being elected in our Union’s Board! Congrats.

  6. Hi Gentleman,

    I am a journeyman Carpenter/Millwright from St. Louis District Council, Local 73. I have been an active member since 1994. I have been inactive for about 18 months due to lack of work in the area. I have recently relocated to Austin and am looking for work here. I would love to transfer to your local and continue my career with the UBC. Please respond to this email or call me personally at 979-492-3555 after 6pm, mon-sat.

    Thank you,

    Jason G.

  7. hello. i am currently in local 156 portland oregon. i was wondering what your wages were for journeyman union carpenters in austin. what kind of work is there to do for union carpenters in an anti-union state? who are the contractors that hire union? we have a pretty sound union up here, but i have family in texas and i would love to “twilight” my career back at home. im sure i can have many more questions for you, but how bout we start with these. thanks.

  8. I am former member of Carpenters/Jointers local 505 in California as a Journeyman Drywall installer/finisher/metal stud framer. Does your union include Drywall hangers/tapers?


    1. We do have some drywaller/interior systems work available. I don’t want to get into detail here, but please contact the hall and they can fill you in on the pay scale and details and see if they can find a place for you.

  9. I wanted to email you all regarding 2 desk I have at work you might be interested in. We are down the street from your new building Sheriffs’ Association of Texas.

    My brother Andy Rodriguez says he spoke to Belinda or was it Brenda? Darn it I can’t remember.

    Please replay to me I have pictures of the 2 desks I have to donate to you all if you are interested.
    Norma Vasquez

    1. Thank you for the offer but we actually have several desks we’re needing to get rid of as well because of the recent move.

  10. Some UBC locals have Union divers/Pile drivers/Dock workers attached to the local. Do you folks have anything like that in Austin?

    1. Local 1266 is a general carpentry local. There are millwrights in the area but they split up our local a few years back and the millwrights are now part of Local 1421 in Arlington. We’re pretty far from the water, so no dock workers, divers or much call for pile drivers. Houston would be the closest for that kind of work.

  11. Hello!

    I am the mother of two young sons ages six and eight who are enrolled in the new public charter school, Magnolia Montessori for all. The school is opening in early august of this year in Northeast Austin.
    As you might imagine, we are on a tight schedule and are looking for any help that we can muster up from the community!
    Currently we are trying to find help building student cubbies as well as shelves for storing the children’s work. I am not sure if this is something that your organization does but if it does, we would love
    any help that members can offer. And if this is something that your org does not regularly participate in, any leads on places/orgs to look into would be appreciated!

    Thanks so much,
    Christina Chan

  12. I am an Industrial Designer/drafter. I have been in the carpentry trade for 32 years. I live in Rockdale, and am looking for work in the Milan county area. Do I need to join your union for help with employment?

    1. It would be hard to limit it to such a specific area but call the Hall and talk to us to see what we can do for you.

  13. I’m currently a female carpenter Zlocsl 844 and wiuld like to relocate to Austin what do I need to do? I have been I uniin for 8 yrs. what steps must I take?

  14. My name is Tyson Watts. I am a veteran of the Marines and looking for construction or any work in the Temple, Texas area. I use to be a Carpenter’s Apprentice in Austin and left off as a Apprentice Level 6. Please contact me if I can continue my apprenticeship or if you know of any work in the Temple, Texas area. Thank you for your time and God Bless!

    1. I don’t know of any work in the Temple area. We do work up there but not regularly. Call the Hall and talk to the Business Rep, Rodney, and he can give you more information on what’s available.

  15. Hello,

    I am looking to start a new career in carpentry, I currently live in Brenham Tx and I was wondering if there are any apprenticeship opportunities closer to me? Thank you.

    1. You’re right in the middle. There’s our apprenticeship and then the local in Houston. Call the Training Center for more information.

  16. Hi, I am a Journeyman carpenter/ millwright from St. Louis District Council in St. Louis, MO. I am moving to Austin TX and would like to continue my UBC membership there. Please contact me on how I can join my brothers in Austin, TX. Thanks—Jason G

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