MIX 20/20

Local 1266 is enrolled in the MIX 20/20 telephone exchange system. This automated system handles the Out of Work (OOW) List. All job dispatches and Local and Regional Council announcements are distributed through this system. Make sure that we have your current phone number to ensure you do not miss out on work opportunities or other important information. The Central South Carpenters Regional Council website has detailed information about using the MIX 20/20 system.

To get on the Out of Work List using MIX 20/20:

Call the OOW number at 1-877-WORKLIST (1-877-967-5547)

You must call and re-register on the OOW list EVERY 30 DAYS or your name will be dropped from the list.

If you are having problems accessing the system, you may contact the MIX 20/20 Administrator by calling 1-800-995-4221.

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